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'I wouldnt change a thing, it was small (ps dont get too much bigger) but perfectly formed, The sound was fabulous, other festivals should take note of how to run a stage, the changeover times ran like clockwork'

Rockstock was absolutely awesome, the atmosphere was quite simply 'electric

Great weekend, congratulations on a really well run festival

Lovely old set up

What a fantastic weekend, thank you Debbo and Phily, it was amazing. Great festival, lovely cider, great music and the best company xx

What a cracking night Friday was! Thank you to Leavon Archer and Mike Lee for playing awesome sets with me respectively.
Rockstock and Barrel is awesome! Great atmosphere, music and audience. I'd just like to give a round of applause to Debs and Phil, the volunteers, bar staff, sound/light crew and everyone else who made it amazing!
If you do anything next year, make sure you get yourself to this festival! You will not be disappointed!!!

What a cracking little festival I've just been to. Thanks a million to Phil & Debbie and their army of helpers for a wonderful time and I'll spread the word xxx

Absolutely brilliant festival, thank you so much for all your hard work.....I think this festival was woven with love! Glad to help....would be glad to help again. Fantastic atmosphere....looking forward to next time can't come soon enough! xxx

Rockstock and Barrel you were truly marvellous! There was a real 'buzz' in the air... and the ground... and whenever anything was touched lol. The bands were all fantastic, especially The Lagans, Star Botherers, The Bar-Steward sons, and of course the mighty Blackballed. Great cider, great company, and most importantly, a pletherer of informative and quite prescriptive signs, so we were never in any doubt about what we should not be doing.  Say no to talc

Well done on setting up a great weekend for everyone! You were excellent hosts, the stage timings and sound folk were great (they even declined having a drink on us, as working so hard!) and we met a whole bunch of lovely people. And improvements? If you can invent an anti-hangover pill or a shot of common sense for those of us who over indulged, I'm sure that might go down well!

Wow, what a weekend!!!!

My first proper festival, and it is going to be an incredibly hard act for others to follow. What a great atmosphere, everyone was so friendly, the food was fantastic, and the music? Bloomin' brilliant!!!! The variety of acts, the acoustic and indoor stage, it was perfect.

Thank you so much to Phil and Debs for organising it, to the bands who were great performers, the stewards, the technicians, the bar staff, the merchandise sellers, those in the kitchen, the cleaner uppers and anyone else who I have missed. You have all done a magnificent job and should have a well deserved pint (or 3) of cider to celebrate, oh and a week off work to recover!

Many thanks from me, Valerie and naturally the Going Diablo lads who loved performing, and participating in this wonderful event.

Home now after a fabulous weekend. Thank you Debs and Phil and all your did a brilliant job. Excellent music, scrummy food and drink (And well done Billy van on your first big drive for getting us there and back)

A brilliant time at our 2nd Rockstock. Small but nicely set out, lots of friendly faces and great music. Loved The Lagan, and BSVD, and Star Botherers, but all good, a fine line up. Well organised, safe environment, and good planning. Loved the experience, got the t shirt, and looking out for loyalty early bear 

Thank you for the invite to play! I had an awesome weekend!!! Also thanks to everyone who came and watched my set on Friday and last night! See you again next year, you really did pull off one amazing festival!! X

Rockstock and Barrel 2015.....what a fabulous festival. Huge thanks to Phil and Debbo and all concerned for all their hard work. We had a brilliant time with awesome music and the luverly faces of friends old and new....we also survived the suicider bar! Roll out the barrel for Rockstock 2016 xxx

I had a lovely time yesterday playing both my sets. Brilliant and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for inviting me 

Top times yesterday... thanks for having us!!!!

Really enjoyed this festival great music and good location.

Rockstock and rocked!